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Palomar Modular Buildings promotes the quality advantages of buying direct from the manufacturer

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Palomar Modular Buildings promotes the quality advantages of buying direct from the manufacturer.

Palomar Modular Buildings is taking steps to educate building industry professionals and potential customers on the quality of factory modular construction and the advantages of buying direct from the manufacturer.  Improved cost and budget control, speed, sustainability and minimizing schedule uncertainty for on-site construction efforts are just a few of the reasons industry professionals seek out modular construction.  As a direct seller, Palomar will handle the sales contract, the product definition, the production of the building, and the final installation. This assures better quality control and value for the customer.  In contrast middleman dealers bid a project and then select a manufacturer (generally the lowest bidder) to build the modular building.  In addition, Palomar maintains an inventory of buildings available for sale or lease to meet the need for fast delivery.

Palomar Modular Buildings, Desoto, TX is a modular manufacturer that sells direct to the end user. Palomar’s largest competitors are dealers and retailers who buy from portable manufacturers and lease or sell the building to the customer.  Palomar believes that by handling all aspects of the transaction the customer will get a better value, superior construction and avoid costly mistakes.  John Martin, President of Palomar says,  “As a direct selling manufacturer, we can better serve our customer.  Manufacturers who build for dealers typically focus on more affordable lease type portable buildings.  We build for permanent installation, and we build to code.  We don’t produce buildings like temporary construction offices.  We have better control over the type of building we produce.  Our buildings meet the bigger quality challenges of permanent construction.”

Many people ask what differentiates a dealer’s portable building from a direct manufacturer’s product.  According to Martin there can be several differences:  portables will have “trailer” type doors and windows, and aluminum siding, versus commercial-quality doors, windows and 29 ga steel exterior panels.  Often the portable’s ceiling height is 84” or 90” and not 96”.  Temporary building manufacturers use prefinished gypsum not an acoustical commercial ceiling; poor quality cabinets and trim work; wood base molding instead of 4” commercial vinyl; and linoleum floor coverings versus the commercial grade vinyl composition tile used in permanent construction.  Martin adds, “Door hardware is another giveaway, with portable buildings having residential grade.  Palomar uses heavier commercial grade hardware.”  Even Palomar’s in stock building inventory meets the higher standards of permanent construction.

As an option to on-site construction, the list of benefits of customized modular construction is long.  There is a savings in cost and time with factory modular construction versus traditional on-site building.  The simultaneous site preparation and in-plant building construction can reduce overall project time by up to 50%.  Construction isn’t subject to weather delays, and by building in a protected factory exposure to weather is limited.  This greatly reduces exposure to mold and dust contamination.  The moving production line allows for enhanced code inspections and compliance.  In-plant construction is compressed versus on-site construction, and inspection observation is more efficient and more complete.

Another advantage of buying direct from the manufacturer is predictable quality and delivery.  Martin says, “We define everything before going into production, this forces all parties to understand and agree on what the customer will receive in the way of a finished project.”  Palomar explains the sustainability aspects of each project, the materials and application of these materials, and the timelines that will guide the project.  With success as a shared goal, Palomar encourages all the project team members to visit the plant to see firsthand the planning, engineering, material procurement and the construction steps that define the final product.

For more information about modular construction contact Palomar Modular Buildings, LLC toll free at 866-312-4032 or 469-727-0727.  Email requests to the following address: