Warranties & Maintenance

Palomar Modular Buildings provides a warranty on all modular buildings for one year covering defective products and workmanship. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and have a commitment to responsive service and manufacturing excellence.

We provide supplier warranties for all applicable modular building components and systems to include HVAC, roofing materials, floor coverings, exterior materials, etc. Building Component Operation and Maintenance Manuals are provided to our clients so that technical aspects of each building system and component can be clearly understood. The manuals are intended to provide assistance in diagnosing problems and achieving a resolution or for reporting the issue to us.

In addition, we provide our clients with monthly preventative maintenance checklists to assure the quality of the building and extend its lifecycle. The checklists help increase building performance and prevent unnecessary maintenance expenses.

However, if a problem occurs, we stand ready to engage our building service representatives to solve the problem correctly and in a timely manner as covered in our client project wrap-up.