Modular Building Leasing & Financing

Palomar can assist you in eliminating capital expenditures and work with you to enhance funding and procurement strategies, as well as offer leasing and financing solutions. Palomar offers flexible financing options to assist you in procuring modular space through purchase, lease or lease-to-own.

We will work with you to determine the best financing solution available to meet your needs. How you go about financing a building can be as important as the building itself. Some of these options are in the form of:

Operating and Capital Leasing Packages

Operating leases can range from 24 months up to and exceeding 60 months as an attractive rental option. Capital leases are those in which the lessee can own the building over time. These terms are arranged based on the quality of credit of the customer.

Long Term Financing by Third Party Lenders

Your Palomar representative will work with you to identify third party lender options that can create a financing package right for you.

By packaging your Palomar building with the land on which it is placed long term financing at conventional commercial rates is available. We invite you to contact us to learn more about how Palomar can assist you with financing for your modular project.