Modular Education Building

Palomar Modular Buildings develops advanced modular contemporary and traditional educational facilities custom built to meet school facility administrator’s specifications. Palomar has worked with school facility administrators around the country to develop fine-tuned education building floor plans featuring a selection of popular amenities.

palomar modular buildings education building schools constructionWe provide cost-effective education facility design, development and project management services to create outstanding school properties. Our advanced modular construction team provides cutting-edge services at an unprecedented pace to build school expansion projects and complete campus developments. Insight cultivated from thousands of public, private and parochial school structures allows our team to advise school administrators throughout the construction process to keep projects running on schedule and on budget.

Flexible Floor Plans

Palomar Modular Buildings offers a variety of floor plans to school districts including portable classrooms, labs and complete campus development. Our engineered designs emphasize speed of delivery, minimal site interruption, portability, ADA accessibility, low maintenance floor and wall coverings, low voltage preparation, sound proofing, energy efficiency and healthy environments.

  • Classroom Complexes
  • Portable Classrooms
  • Complete Campuses
  • Dormitories
  • Science & Computer Labs
  • Communications Labs
  • Restroom Buildings
  • Administrative Offices
  • Multi-Purpose Rooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Libraries

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KIPP Journey Modular Campus

KIPP Journey Modular Campus

University of Texas at Permian Basin STEM school modular building


palomar modular buildings walnut valley high school classrooms

Walnut Valley High School

palomar modular buildings portable classrooms education

Martins Mill ISD Portable Classroom

The Benefits of Modular Education Buildings

Cost Efficient

Modular building projects are up to 20% less expensive than stick built buildings 1

Modular Construction


Stick Built Construction


Quick Delivery

Modular building projects are constructed up to 50% faster than stick built buildings 1

Modular Construction


Stick Built Construction


Under Budget

65% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project budgets are decreased. 41% report that project budgets are decreased by 6% or more. 1

Reduce Project Schedule

66% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project schedules are decreased. 35% report that project schedules are decreased by 4 weeks or more. 1

The Benefits of Faster Construction Completion

How does faster construction completion affect your bottom line? Let’s look at how the difference in completion times affects a 40,000 square foot $7.7 million dollar apartment development. If we use conventional construction as a baseline, we can see how using modular construction to complete the project 25% or 50% percent faster will reduce construction interest costs and increase the rental income opportunity significantly.

If Project is Completed 25% Faster



By reducing the project schedule by 25% the project will save $5,214 in construction interest and can earn $293,333 extra rental income.

Saved Construction Interest
Earned Additional Rental Income

If Project is Completed 50% Faster



By reducing the project schedule by 50% the project will save $78,147 in construction interest and can earn $440,000 extra rental income.

Saved Construction Interest
Earned Additional Rental Income

The Modular Building Construction Process in Three Easy Steps

palomar modular buildings manufacturing fabrication
palomar modular buildings transportation
palomar modular buildings installation construction


Palomar’s manufacturing facility benefits from years of continuous process improvement and work flow assembly planning. The controlled production environment and material staging system produces a high level of fabrication precision and reduces construction waste.


The fabricated modules are shipped by carriers that specialize in modular building transportation. For large projects, like a man camp, that consist of dozens of modules the delivery is staged in phases so the modules can be prepared and installed in a logical sequence.


A general contractor, often one specializing in modular construction, will install the modules. Finish out can include electrical and mechanical system connection between modules, stairs, wheelchair ramps, skirting, exterior siding, trim and utility connections.