Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the difference between a direct modular manufacturer and a modular dealer?

A: A direct manufacturer such as Palomar produces modular buildings for direct sale to clients with no middleman. A dealer such as Williams Scotsman, Nortex, Mod Space auction their customer’s needs to find the lowest priced manufacturer which they do not own. A direct manufacturer should provide better quality and a lower price.

Q: What is the cost of a modular building?

A: Overall square foot costs for a building depend on numerous options. By talking with a Palomar representative, we can work with you and your budget to develop a building that meets your specific needs.

Q: What is the difference between modular and prefab buildings?

A: Modular buildings, prefabricated buildings, pre-engineered buildings, prefab buildings all refer to buildings that have their components manufactured off-site to be installed on-site. For much of the industry these terminologies are synonymous. Although, some companies refer to the small storage shed buildings found at the big box hardware stores as ‘prefabricated buildings’, these buildings are not remotely similar to conventional modular buildings.

Q: How long does it take to build and install a modular building?

A: The options and complexity of a project will determine delivery time. However, many projects can be completed in two to three months. Site preparation can be a challenge and Palomar can give you needed input to get your site prepared in a timely manner. Regardless, you can expect to save over 30-50% of the time it takes to do a site-built project versus a modular building installation.

Q: Who installs the building at the site?

A: Palomar will oversee the installation of the building on your site. We use industry professionals and trained factory personnel to ensure that the building will perform to your satisfaction.

Q: Can I expand or move a modular building?

A: Yes. Modular buildings are relocatable. Having an integrated floor and undercarriage will greatly facilitate relocation. If you know you want to expand the building later, that information can help in the original design of the building, particularly as it pertains to future structural and system modification of the building.

Q: Do you offer financial assistance in the purchase or lease of a Palomar building?

A: Yes. Refer to our financing and leasing section.

Q: What kind of warranty comes with a Palomar modular building?

A: Palomar buildings have a one year limited warranty from the date of installation. Palomar provides the warranty and an owner’s manual when the building is turned over.

Q: What Building Codes does a Palomar building meet?

A: Palomar buildings must meet or exceed applicable local, state and national codes. The buildings are engineered to meet these codes and the engineered plans are approved by the state or their third-party representative prior to construction.

Q: What sort of monthly energy costs does a Palomar building experience?

A: Palomar buildings are required to meet the same energy standards as traditional site-built buildings. Like any construction project, a Palomar building can have energy efficiency enhanced with selections of upgraded insulation, energy consuming appliances, lighting, windows, doors, etc. The siting of the building can also affect monthly energy costs. Your Palomar representative will work with you to minimize your energy dollars.

Q: Will Palomar do a custom design project?

A: Yes. We’ll help you define your project and design a custom modular building to meet your specific needs.