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A Direct Manufacturer of Advanced Modular Buildings

Palomar Modular Buildings designs and manufactures advanced modular buildings for a range of industries both public and private. As one of the few direct manufacturers in the modular construction industry Palomar eliminates the considerable costs associated with selling through a dealership network by selling directly to our customers.

The Palomar Modular Building modular construction method creates significant cost savings and quickly produces buildings in a fraction of the time compared to conventional construction. The controlled fabrication environment and efficient construction cost strategies Palomar employs typically result in cost savings of up to 20% less than conventional construction. Our production efficiency, combined with our manufacturing environment that eliminates weather-related delays, allows us to complete projects up to 50% faster than stick-built construction.

The manufacturing facility Palomar operates in DeSoto, Texas benefits from years of continuous process improvement, workflow assembly planning, and finely-honed craftsmanship. The skilled technicians on the production floor are capable of fabricating over 7,500 square feet of structure a day. The controlled production environment and material staging system that Palomar’s advanced modular building strategy utilizes allows for a higher level of precision fabrication than conventional construction can offer.

Palomar Modular Building commercial restaurant


Flexible and affordable construction options for retail, commercial offices, and franchises.

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portable classrooms modular school construction


Portable classrooms, facilities, and economical solutions for permanent school buildings.

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palomar modular buildings healthcare medical dental construction


Modular construction is perfect for doctors’ offices, clinics, dental offices, medical complexes, and laboratories.

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man camps workforce housing oil gas

Man Camps

Man camps, oil field housing, mining camps, workforce housing, support services, specialty buildings, and administrative offices.

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apartment multifamily modular construction


Flexible, affordable, and rapid modular construction for apartment, condominium, and multifamily projects.

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palomar modular buildings commercial retail design construction

More Industries

Looking for more? View other industries we work with including student housing, government, and many more.

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The Benefits of Modular Construction


Modular buildings are up to 20% less expensive than stick-built buildings 1

Modular Construction Savings


Stick Built Construction Cost


Quick Delivery

Modular buildings are constructed up to 50% faster than stick-built buildings 1

Modular Construction


Stick Built Construction


Under Budget

65% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project budgets are decreased. 41% report that project budgets are decreased by 6% or more. 1

Reduce Project Schedule

66% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project schedules are decreased. 35% report that project schedules are decreased by 4 weeks or more. 1

palomar modular buildings floor plan design construction

Palomar Modular Floor Plans

Palomar maintains a large catalog of unique modular floor plans available to meet the needs of several industries including education, healthcare, man camps, government, hospitality, military and commercial development. When our customers needs extend beyond our catalog of floor plans, custom floor plan development is available through Palomar’s engineering department.

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Palomar Modular Construction Projects

university of houston clear lake police station modular building government construction

University Of Houston Clear Lake Police Station

san antonio fire station #53 modular building government construction

San Antonio Fire Station #52

Santa Teresa Truck Inspection Station

Santa Teresa Truck Inspection Station

University of Texas at Permian Basin STEM school modular building


Partnerships & Associations

We are thankful to work with a great group of purchasing cooperatives that provide education and government agencies a streamlined purchasing solution. We are also proud to work with several industry associations representing the education and modular construction markets.

palomar modular buildings gsa government purchasing contract


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