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Oilfield Workforce “Happy Factor”

By April 6, 2012July 31st, 2015Uncategorized

The great news for America’s workforce today is energy companies are hiring as quickly as possible to fill the need for workers to carry out oil and gas recovery in the shale play regions across America.  Hiring trained and skilled men, training the unemployed who qualify, and providing higher wages for those who are willing to move (temporarily or permanently) becomes priority for all companies related to energy discovery and production.  With recent improvements in technology, unconventional drilling has increased activity to the point that we are now experiencing the greatest oil boom in many years.

This recent boom in business is great news for the nation’s economy and for each employee’s personal economy.   Along with better earnings, employment security, improved lifestyle, and potential for advancement opportunities, this oil boom also presents challenges that service providers must meet to enjoy the benefits of an improved economy.

Some of the major challenges in the areas that have oil and gas activity include: Workforce housing, food services, security and other basic provisions that are not available in remote areas.

For the men who move to the oil boom areas, solutions for these fundamental needs include a variety of housing provisions. Most accommodations in the oilfields include hotels, mobile homes, RV’s, campers, and man camp housing that resemble dormitories or army barracks. Needless to say, a hardworking man who puts in 12-14 hours a day under extreme conditions would rather be in his own home, sleeping in his own bed and eating his wife’s cooking!   After a few months of being away from home, living in cramped quarters, sleeping on a twin bed and having a limited menu of food choices, most men are re-evaluating their job choice.   Suddenly, the employer is at risk of losing a valuable employee and the “happy factor” becomes a critical issue.

Keeping the hard-working crews happy, comfortable and satisfied with the company they work for, becomes an easier task when provided a good night’s sleep, a bellyful of good grub and a feeling of comfort.  The result is a more productive employee with less risk of losing a good employee to a competitor and retention of the employee long-term versus recruiting and training a new employee.  Retention and productivity of employees working in the oil field can certainly be directly related to each man’s “happy factor”.

Companies like Palomar Modular Buildings design and offer housing that addresses the “happy factor” right from the start.   Palomar designs to suit your needs and your site, keeping quality of life for the residence in mind.  As a direct manufacturer of modular buildings, Palomar has the advantage of providing our clients with direct contact to the production plant, which is not possible through a modular dealer.  Contact us today for your next oilfield workforce housing or 469-727-0727.