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Modular Classroom Solutions Gaining Momentum

By April 2, 2012July 31st, 2015Uncategorized

The new modular classroom is a solution that is rapidly gaining momentum in the Education Industry. As companies produce better products using traditional construction materials many decision makers are seriously considering modular options for their classroom needs.  So how do you know if you could benefit from modular construction? Are you are in a bind and need a classroom quickly, say before the next school year? Are you going to need it completed with enough time to move in furniture, let teachers get teachers set up, and the facility completely ready for students? If this is the case a modular building would be an ideal solution.

Most schools want classrooms in place quickly placing huge strains on the construction timeline.  Traditional construction cannot meet a short timeline and the largest advantage in a modular building is the time it takes to build it, specifically how much faster than a site built structure. The average time savings is between 30 – 50%. This is due to the extremely efficient method of construction.  A traditional site built environment has many uncontrollable factors, weather being the major player, which can delay your project or ruin materials. In a modular project construction takes place in a climate controlled, covered factory, so weather plays no factor in production time. The modular industry uses side by side construction where the floor and walls are constructed simultaneously translating to faster completion time.  Also the factory can build your classroom at the same time as the site work so buildings can be set, sealed, and ready to use as soon as they arrive on site saving even more time. Another advantage to a controlled environment is that there are no wasted supplies. If there are extra materials the manufacturer recycles them into the next product. This allows the company to buy in bulk and achieve economies of scale, passing the savings to the buyer.

Another reason to choose modular construction is the cost. With cuts in state funding over the last few years it is imperative that schools find creative ways stretch every dollar to meet their needs. A great way to do this is to buy a modular facility instead of using a site built. The cost of a modular facility is generally 30% less than a traditional site built building. In addition to the initial cost savings another cost benefit is from a tax standpoint a modular building is treated as equipment and not property allowing you to depreciate the building faster. A common misconception about modular construction is that poor quality materials and craftsmanship are a reason in the cost difference, but this is not true.  The same materials are used as on a site built structure, however the offsite construction and factory setting are where the differences lie.

The last major reason to choose modular classrooms is the ease of use in designing and building a modular building. In a modular environment the classroom is customized to meet your needs. The layout is tailored to the environment and the existing site to include existing structures. For example in a computer lab outlets are set up strategically for maximum efficiency and ease of use.  The buyer is able to dictate beforehand where they want to set up their smart-boards.  With a shortened process you can save the headache of change orders and installation after the fact. With all this in mind it will make sure your classroom is ready to go as soon as it hits the ground.

With faster completion time, lower cost, and ease of use in all aspects of the process it is no surprise that many education institutes use modular buildings to satisfy their expansion needs.  As a direct manufacturer of modular buildings, Palomar has the advantage of providing our clients with direct contact to the actual production plant where the manufacturing takes place, which is not possible through a modular dealer. Our Texas manufacturing facility serves the Central and Southwest regions of the United States, with an operation capable of producing over 7,500 square feet of space per day.

Palomar’s cooperative purchasing agreements with a number of organizations enables our customers to buy directly from us, shortening the procurement cycle, while being assured of low bidder pricing. Plans can be customized to meet your specific needs, or can be chosen from a range of approved plans already approved by the purchasing cooperatives.

Run by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction and modular building industry, Palomar has produced hundreds of modular projects from the straightforward to the highly technical. We operate out of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in DeSoto, Texas with a dedicated full-time workforce of skilled tradesmen and production managers.  We are committed to providing outstanding value to our clients through developing industry-leading innovations in modular construction. At Palomar, we will deliver a project that meets and exceeds your expectations.  Contact us today with your needs or 469-727-0727.