Project Title
Fort Belvoir Army Materiel Command Headquarters

Fort Belvoir, Virginia

Type of Facility

Square Footage
230,000 sqft

Construction Timeline
9 months

Designed to house the Army Materiel Command, a major command post, this project consisted of a pair of two-story office buildings totaling over 230,000 square feet. This office space was designed to accommodate 1400 military and civilian personnel and was completed in record time.

Notable features include advanced interior technological requirements and a stylized EIFS application combining base colors and trim. The building features a 6665 square foot enclosed SCIF facility, conference rooms designed to video conference over 1300 people at any given time, along with extensive computer, telecommunications, electrification and HVAC technology. The building also houses their amphitheater-like staging conference center with 18 foot high ceilings.