Project Title
Coffee Shop Drive Thru Building

Marietta, Georgia

Type of Facility
Coffee Shop Drive Thru Building

Square Footage
480 sqft

Construction Timeline
5 weeks

A major coffee retailer has re-imagined the coffee hut as a “modern modular,” LEED-certified drive-thru and walk-up shop. Palomar fabricated the 480 square foot building clad in gorgeous old recycled Wyoming snow fencing. The new stores have enough space for three to five employees along with all of the coffee making apparatuses necessary to execute a full menu. The true cost savings do not lie in the recycled materials, the real savings come from the speed of construction and the energy savings from a high-performance, efficient building. All of the coffee and business related equipment were installed at Palomar’s manufacturing plant before the complete units were shipped to the job site. Structural fabrication took just three weeks, and job site installation took another two weeks before the complete project was ready to open its doors for business.