Modular Building Floor Plans

At Palomar we’ve developed hundreds of modular building floor plans over the years for projects ranging from portable classrooms to casino developments. We’ve collected some of our most popular floor plans here for you to view and download as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

Portable Classroom & Education Floor Plans

pdf-icon 2 Classroom Building, Dry

pdf-icon 2 Classroom Building, Wet

pdf-icon 4 Classroom Building with Restrooms

pdf-icon 4 Classroom Addition

pdf-icon 6 Classroom Building with Restrooms

pdf-icon 8 Classroom Building with Restrooms

pdf-icon 12 Classroom Building with Restrooms

Commercial Floor Plans

pdf-icon 4 Office Building with Restrooms

pdf-icon 6 Office Building with Conference Room

pdf-icon 8 Office Building with Open Area

pdf-icon Administrative Office

Day Care Floor Plans

pdf-icon Small Child Care Facility

pdf-icon 3 Classroom Head Start Building

pdf-icon Day Care Facility

Healthcare Floor Plans

pdf-icon One Doctor Clinic Building

pdf-icon Two Doctor Clinic Building

pdf-icon Clinic Building

pdf-icon Four Doctor Clinic Building

Man Camps & Workforce Housing Floor Plans

pdf-icon 28 Person Shared Bath Dormitory

pdf-icon 36 Person Shared Bath Dormitory

pdf-icon 17 Person Double Occupancy Dormitory

pdf-icon 14 Person Shared Bath Dormitory

pdf-icon 13 Person Shared Bath Dormitory with ADA Facilities

pdf-icon 12 Person Private Bath Dormitory with ADA Facilities

pdf-icon 11 Person Private Bath Dormitory

pdf-icon Recreation Facility

pdf-icon 250 Person Dining and Kitchen Facility

pdf-icon 416 Person Dining and Kitchen Facility

pdf-icon Locker/Reception Building

pdf-icon Recreation Facility

pdf-icon 8 Person Private Bath Dormitory

pdf-icon Recreation Facility

Specialty Units Floor Plans

pdf-icon 8 Stall Restroom

pdf-icon 30 Head Shower Unit

pdf-icon Bank Building

pdf-icon Church Building