Government Buildings

Palomar Modular Buildings is a direct-manufacturer of temporary and permanent modular buildings, with a special focus on Government facility needs. Our companies and our employees have provided several million square feet of building space to Government and military agencies. With a unique team solely focused on serving our clients, our company is unique in the modular industry in terms of the experience and scope of knowledge related to serving Government building requirements.

palomar modular buildings government constructionGovernment contracting procedures are rigorous and the needs of our Government clients for fast, high quality building space are demanding. Our project managers have years of experience in the design, project management, and manufacturing of buildings for the Federal Government, both inside and outside the continental United States. We understand the uniqueness of the Government purchasing system and Federal Acquisition Regulations, and are experts in the strict standards and complexities of codes and regulations that define Government buildings.

We build a wide range of modular buildings to fulfill several government needs, including:

  • Military Barracks
  • Military Bases
  • Prisons and Jails
  • Police Stations
  • Fire Stations
  • Courthouses
  • Government Administration Offices

We are always ready to partner with 8(a) firms, ANCs and minority contractors.  By teaming together to respond to government projects, we can enhance our mutual responsiveness to Government Contracting needs.  If you are an 8(a), ANC or a minority contractor and are looking for a direct manufacturing modular building partner, please contact us.

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MCMJV National Bio & Agro Defense Facility Swing Space Modular Buildings

MCMJV National Bio & Agro Defense Swing Space

The Benefits of Modular Buildings

Cost Efficient

Modular building projects are up to 20% less expensive than stick built buildings 1

Modular Construction


Stick Built Construction


Quick Delivery

Modular building projects are constructed up to 50% faster than stick built buildings 1

Modular Construction


Stick Built Construction



Under Budget

65% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project budgets are decreased. 41% report that project budgets are decreased by 6% or more. 1

Reduce Project Schedule

66% of A/E/C professionals using Modular Construction report that project schedules are decreased. 35% report that project schedules are decreased by 4 weeks or more. 1

The Benefits of Faster Construction Completion

How does faster construction completion affect the bottom line? Let’s look at how the difference in completion times affects a 40,000 square foot $7.7 million dollar office space project. If we use conventional construction as a baseline, we can see how using modular construction to complete the project 25% or 50% percent faster will reduce construction interest costs and increase the rental income opportunity significantly.


If Project Is Completed 25% Faster

By reducing the project schedule by 25% the project will save $5,214 in construction interest and can earn $293,333 extra rental income.


If Project Is Completed 50% Faster

By reducing the project schedule by 50% the project will save $78,147 in construction interest and can earn $440,000 extra rental income.


Saved Construction Interest
Earned Additional Rental Income
Saved Construction Interest
Earned Additional Rental Income

Source: Smith, Ryan. “Best Practices Report: Permanent Modular Construction.” Foundation Offsite PMC Report. MBI Foundations, Apr. 2015.

The Modular Building Construction Process in Three Easy Steps


palomar modular buildings manufacturing fabrication


Palomar’s manufacturing facility benefits from years of continuous process improvement and work flow assembly planning. The controlled production environment and material staging system produces a high level of fabrication precision and reduces construction waste.

palomar modular buildings transportation


The fabricated modules are shipped by carriers that specialize in modular building transportation. For large projects, like a man camp, that consist of dozens of modules the delivery is staged in phases so the modules can be prepared and installed in a logical sequence.

palomar modular buildings installation


A general contractor, often one specializing in modular construction, will install the modules. Finish out can include electrical and mechanical system connection between modules, stairs, wheelchair ramps, skirting, exterior siding, trim and utility connections.