Purchasing Cooperatives

Palomar Modular Buildings has purchasing agreements in place with a number of cooperative purchasing organizations that enable their members to buy direct. Purchasing direct from the manufacturer through a cooperative purchasing agreement removes dealer markups, shortens the procurement cycle, and assures low bid pricing. Plans can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs, or can be chosen from a range of floor plans approved by the purchasing cooperatives.

Palomar has purchasing agreements with the following purchasing cooperatives


buyboard purchasing cooperativeThe Local Government Purchasing Cooperative was created to increase the purchasing power of government entities and to simplify their purchasing by using a customized online purchasing system, called the BuyBoard. Combining the purchase power of local governments provides members the leverage to achieve better pricing on products, equipment, and services they use every day. There is power in numbers, and BuyBoard has delivered the vast economies of scale in purchasing products and services to members since 1998.

The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS)

the interlocal purchasing system tips/taps logoPalomar has recently been approved for Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Louisiana vendor list. The TIPS purchasing cooperatives have joined together government entities, in multiple states, to increase their buying power in acquiring products and services; lowering administrative procurement costs; and improving overall business performance at each entity. Other benefits include: centralized vendor listing; e-commerce store; toll-free help line; competitively bid procurement process and vendor/member reporting service.

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance (NCPA)

National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance logoNCPA (National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance) is a leading national government purchasing cooperative working to reduce the cost of goods and services by leveraging the purchasing power of public agencies in all 50 states. NCPA utilizes state of the art procurement resources and solutions that result in cooperative purchasing contracts that ensure all public agencies are receiving products and services of the highest quality at the lowest prices.

Choice Partners Purchasing Cooperative

choice partners purchasing cooperativeChoice Partners purchasing cooperative offers quality, legal procurement and contract solutions to meet government purchasing requirements. Staff at Choice Partners complete the legal, competitively bid government procurement process so you can immediately access contracts, saving time and money on the bidding process and purchase.

Cooperative Educational Services (CES)

cooperative education service logoCooperative Educational Services, is a Purchasing Cooperative united by a Joint Powers Agreement to aid Public Schools in New Mexico. CES makes purchasing simple for member institutions andparticipating entities, while saving participants significant amounts of time and money by soliciting bids and proposals and awarding contracts on their behalf.

Region 2 Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative

region 2 goodbuy purchasing coopThe Region 2 Goodbuy Purchasing Cooperative was created in 1992 to offer its membership a unique and beneficial opportunity to purchase goods and services from contracts that meet State Competitive Bidding Requirements, thus saving them valuable time and resources: During the term of each commodity or service contract, member school districts may place their purchase orders directly with an authorized vendor for the various goods and services that they may require, without going out for bid.

Region 5 Education Service Center Purchasing Cooperative

region 5 purchasing coopRegion 5 Education Service Center serves the school districts of Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson Orange, Newton and Tyler counties plus High Island ISD, Hull-Daisetta ISD, East Chambers ISD, and LaAmistad Love & Learning Academy. Approximately 87,000 students and more than 6,100 educators are the clients of our organization. Service and technical assistance is our focus and is provided in a non-regulatory environment. Our mission is to assist school districts in improving student performance while promoting greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Region 7 Education Service Center Purchasing Cooperative

region 7 purchasing coopRegion 7 purchasing cooperative helps Texas school districts procurement process by providing 37 categories of items to be bid that meet the requirements of the Texas Education Agency Audit Division and the Attorney General’s Anti-Trust Office. We provide school districts with a vast selection of vendors that have undergone a legal bid process. Counties served by Region 7 Education Service Center include: Anderson, Angelina, Cherokee, Gregg, Harrison, Henderson, Nacogdoches, Rains, Rusk, Sabine, San Augustine, Shelby, Smith, Panola, Upshur, Van Zandt and Wood.

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